RE: Problems with NT (was blank)

1998-08-17 12:46:26
Hmmm I can't get mhonarc to run with the new activestate version.  I get a
Runtime Exception error, but on a machine running an older build everything
works fine.  I think the problem you are having might be from the version of
Perl your running.

Was this working with the older version of perl?
Does other perl stuff run?


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Well, I have been actively looking into all the archives, and I have
found a few good solutions to using MHonArc on my Win NT 4.0 server, but
my problem is that I get a Runtime Exception when I try to use the tool
with a .mbx file, generated by MS Outlook Express.

I saw a few mails in the MHonArc archive, discussing the use of Eudora's
in.mbx, and I figured that this should also work.. this is what I am

Perl is set to handle all .pl files, and I am using ActivePerl's newly
released version, which is fully backward compatible.
I try to use the mhonarc file, but after pausing for a bit to lock the
device (which I have tried overriding as well, in any case, using -force
operator), I get the Runtime Error.

I have tried changing the mhonarc file to a .pl as well, and it seems to
work. Then, when I go to the directory where my Inbox.mbx (Outlook
Express folder), and run it, it works but only to give the following :
Trying to lock mail archive in . ..
Error: Runtime Error

TIA folks,

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