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1998-08-17 15:06:47
The .mbx format used by Outlook Express won't work with standard MHonArc.
(Eudora's .mbx format, compatible with MHonArc, is different from the one
used by Outlook Express.)  OE keeps message files using the format:

    binary file header
    binary message header with length
    ASCII message header and body
    binary messate header with length
    ASCII message header and body

MHonArc requires that multi-message files separate messages with text that
matches a Perl regular expression.

Source in C for a converter Outlook Express to Eudora .mbxes:

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Sent: Monday, August 17, 1998 2:01 AM
To: mhonarc(_at_)ncsa(_dot_)uiuc(_dot_)edu

Well, I have been actively looking into all the archives, and I have
found a few good solutions to using MHonArc on my Win NT 4.0 server, but
my problem is that I get a Runtime Exception when I try to use the tool
with a .mbx file, generated by MS Outlook Express.

I saw a few mails in the MHonArc archive, discussing the use of Eudora's
in.mbx, and I figured that this should also work.. this is what I am

Perl is set to handle all .pl files, and I am using ActivePerl's newly
released version, which is fully backward compatible.
I try to use the mhonarc file, but after pausing for a bit to lock the
device (which I have tried overriding as well, in any case, using -force
operator), I get the Runtime Error.

I have tried changing the mhonarc file to a .pl as well, and it seems to
work. Then, when I go to the directory where my Inbox.mbx (Outlook
Express folder), and run it, it works but only to give the following :
Trying to lock mail archive in . ..
Error: Runtime Error

TIA folks,

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