Re: MHonArc's <!--X --> fields at top of message

1998-08-28 02:14:54


MHonArc's notes to self at the top of output messages seem to be
confusing my Netscape Enterprise Server's search engine into throwing
away the body of the message.  My guess is that it happens because the
<DOCTYPE> and <HTML> tags occur after the comments - how hard would it
be to move those two tags above the first set of comments, and has
anyone else reported such errors?

Nobody else has reported such a problem, but I do not know if anyone
else is using Netscape's indexing engine.

You may want to do some test to verify that it is the <!--X-->
comments that are causing problems.  It maybe the doctype statement,
or something else.  To change the printing of the <!--X--> coments
will require change to the code.  It is perfectly legal HTML, and
I would consider it a bug in Netscape's product if it cannot deal with

I have the same problem above, and I've heard that it's Netscape's
indexing engine bug.  It says that the search engine doesn't work
with <!--X-abcde--> tags, and at least does work with <!-- X-abcde -->
tags.                                                     ^       ^

I know <!--X-abcde--> is legal HTML, but I need to get on well with
Netscape's indexing engine together...

Is it harmful for MHonArc to edit "" to print
<!-- X-abcde --> instead of <!--X-abcde--> ?

I'm worried about the description below in MHonArc2.2.0/faq/msgpgs.html.

   What are those "<!--X-... -->"?

If you ever looked at the HTML source of converted messages, 
you will notice a bunch of comment declarations, "<!--X-... -->". 
These comment declarations are used by MHonArc to properly edit messages
when needed. Therefore, DO NOT MESS WITH THEM. 

Thank you.

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