Re: MHonArc's <!--X --> fields at top of message

1998-08-28 10:54:37
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On August 28, 1998 at 14:42, Kenn Sakai wrote:

Nobody else has reported such a problem, but I do not know if anyone
else is using Netscape's indexing engine.

You may want to do some test to verify that it is the <!--X-->
comments that are causing problems.  It maybe the doctype statement,
or something else.  To change the printing of the <!--X--> coments
will require change to the code.  It is perfectly legal HTML, and
I would consider it a bug in Netscape's product if it cannot deal with

I have the same problem above, and I've heard that it's Netscape's
indexing engine bug.  It says that the search engine doesn't work
with <!--X-abcde--> tags, and at least does work with <!-- X-abcde -->
tags.                                                     ^       ^

Has the bug been reported to Netscape?  I bet it is a Verity bug
(Netscape uses Verity to do the indexing).

I know <!--X-abcde--> is legal HTML, but I need to get on well with
Netscape's indexing engine together...

Is it harmful for MHonArc to edit "" to print
<!-- X-abcde --> instead of <!--X-abcde--> ?

I'm worried about the description below in MHonArc2.2.0/faq/msgpgs.html.

With good reason.  The change example you give would cause problems.
You may have luck if you only put a space before the "-->".

Note, I will not change the base MHonArc code to deal with broken
products (especially commercial ones).  It may impact all other
existing MHonArc users by causing problems with their archives (i.e.
if ain't broke, why fix it).  Therefore, if you need changes, you will
have to do it yourself and deal with making changes each time when you
upgrade to newer versions of MHonArc (unless you are willing to give
out a monetary incentive as you have with commercial products).


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