Re: MHonArc's <!--X --> fields at top of message

1998-08-28 13:01:21
On August 28, 1998 at 09:21, "Matthew Andersen" wrote:

Same problem with Verity.  Sent mail to them, and according to them the
<!--stuff-here-with-no-spaces-->  is not a valid comment.  I sent them mail
back asking for the version of Spec they are referring to, as I can't find
where it explicitly states that it is not valid.

I bet Verity will stall I mentioning a spec.  Since HTML comments
follows the syntactic rules of SGML comment declarations, you can
always point them to the SGML standard to trump them with anything
they tell you.

Unless Verity has really crappy code, the fix for them should be
trivial.  If it is not, I would question the fitness of their products
(and/or their developers).

Also I went through an modified the source of MHonArc and changed them to
<!-- stuff-here-with-spaces-at-the-ends -->
Seemed to fix the problem, and it appears that MHonArc is still parsing and
updating files correctly.  Maybe someone can point out a problem with this

It's okay if your archives have been intially created with the
modified version of MHonArc.  If not, you will have problems.

I highlighted above the problem spot.  As stated in my previous
message, I am adverse to making changes like this since I do not
want to risk breaking all the existing archives of other users if
those users choose to "upgrade" to a version that have changed
the <!--X...--> comments.


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