Re: Testing for permissions?

1998-08-28 14:46:05
On August 28, 1998 at 13:10, Christopher Lindsey wrote:

Does MHonArc do any kind of testing for directory permissions before
doing anything?


Anyhow, when the target directory had permissions set to rwx------
(which is perfectly valid in AFS because the process had a token
that gave it permission to write there), MHonArc would say

   ERROR: Unable to access /afs/ncsa/web/internal/htdocs/lists/email/aug98

Other shell scripts would do their stuff just fine -- it was
only when MHonArc tried doing things in the directory.  I ended
up changing the directory to rwxrwxrwx (which in AFS is functionally
the same as rwx------), but it's still somewhat annoying.  

Is there any harm in turning this off?  It looks like it's all around
line 198 in  Ideally this would be a commandline flag
so that we could share the same binary for AFS and non-AFS use. 
Maybe something like -checkperms?

The check is in-place to head-off any errors that may occur later.
If there is no simple way in Perl to check permission on an AFS
filesystem, an option to switch it off sounds reasonable.  Maybe call
it -afs for brevity (and imply the reasoning behind the option).

I'll look at the code this weekend to see where the all the permission
checks are done.


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