problem with MSGSEP

1998-08-30 20:27:22
I'm using wilma 1.4 and MHonArc v2.2.0 to process a mailing list.
However, MHonArc is choking when trying to process one of the 33
mailbox files.  I've isolated the problem, but am not sure how to
solve it.  The problem is the MSGSEP statement in the rcfile included
with the wilma distribution (wilma_template.rc).  When I run mhonarc
on this mailbox file using wilma_template.rc, it dies immediately.

% mhonarc -rcfile wilma_template.rc ./ding.199611 
Reading resource file: wilma_template.rc ...
Converting messages to .
Reading ./ding.199611 .Out of memory!

However, if I comment out the MSGSEP statement, mhonarc is able to
process the file fine.

#^From .*  \w{3} \w{3} [ \d]\d

I've put the mailbox file on my webserver:

Any ideas why mhonarc is having so much trouble with the mailbox given
this MSGSEP definition?


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