removing address from archives

1998-08-30 21:51:29

Excluding seems straightforward - EXCS or FIELDORDER will happily
exclude a field.

But... I don't know how to get the name in there;
<li>From: $FROMNAME$

doesn't do the trick since FROMNAME is not available to FIELDSBEG

What am I missing?

.> 1. Remove the e-mail address from the archives.  So instead of showing:
.> From: "Matthew Andersen" <mander(_at_)logi(_dot_)net>  I could have it show 
up as:
.> From: Matthew Andersen  Eliminating the actual address completely.  
.  You can use EXCS to exclude the field, and then use the $FROMNAME$
.  resource variable to specify author.

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