Re: Can mhonarc syncrone an archive with a message file?

1998-10-08 16:34:30
On October 8, 1998 at 13:38, Carl Riches wrote:

The help-desk manager (a person) scans the inbox every now and then to 
remove all messages pertaining to a request that has been resolved.  We
need to make mhonarc syncronize the mail archive with the contents of the
inbox.  That is, we need mhonarc to remove any messages in the archive
that are not in the inbox, and add new messages to the archive.  The -add
command-line switch does well for the latter case.  I am unable to find
any command-line switch to deal with the former case.  There did not seem
to be any reference to this problem in the mailing list archives.

The option is -rmm.

If you extract the message-ids of the messages deleted from the
inbox, you can pass those as arguments when using -rmm to delete the
corresponding messages in the archive (you can also use the message
numbers given to each message in the archive).  This way a person does
not need to scan for the message in the archive to know which one to

See the RMM resource page for more information.

Note, -rmm causes a complete re-edit of all pages in the archive in
versions 2.2.x and earlier.  Hence, -rmm can be expensive for larger
archives.  v2.3 fixes this.  v2.3 is currently in beta.  I hope to get
v2.3 (non-beta) out sometime soon.  There is still a bug or two that I
want to fix.


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