Re: what if 'mhonarc -defineconst FOO="bar"' existed

1999-02-08 18:51:20
---Jamie Heilman <jamie(_at_)salu(_dot_)net> wrote:
Does anyone know if someone has, or if there are plans to, add a
-defineconst type command to mhonarc?  Something that would work
just like
-definevar but would only be interpolated once within the template
the initial creation of a file, and never again after subsequent edits
(not unlike the message headers and message body I guess).

I'm unclear why this feature is really needed.  I believe the common
practice among users that share resources across multiple files is
to invoke mhonarc with the proper -definevar setting for each
archive for variable information.

If you provide more information on the effect you are trying to
achieve, then we may be able to help on how to obtain the affect
with the current capabilities in MHonArc.


Earl Hood

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