NTMail, .mbx, Hypermail and Mhonarc

1999-05-21 14:38:00

I have just started looking at Mhonarc, (so I apologise if this is a stupid
question), and know little about the ins-and-outs of the mail system. 

We have many Hypermail archives of several mailing lists, and we are shortly
going to transfer them all to Mhonarc (since the version of Hypermail we
have is a bit unstable, and the latest version only appears to be available
for UNIX). I have successfully installed the Mhonarc program on my own
machine (Windows 98, Perl 5.005_03 (Build 513, ActiveState)), but when I run
the command 

mhonarc -outdir c:\tigs\internet c:\tigs\tig-uk-internet.mbx

I get the message:

Converting messages to c:\tigs\internet
Reading c:\tigs\tig-uk-internet.mbx
No new messages

Only, the file has not converted successfully once, and it is 102Kb in size.
The .mbx files are taken from a machine running NTMail as it's mail server.
Looking at these in a text editor, they appear to be just text files. Does
anyone know if these .mbx files work with Mhonarc, or what I need to do to
get it to work properly. 

Thanks in advance,


Chris Rees
Corporate R&D
Sema Group

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