Re: NTMail, .mbx, Hypermail and Mhonarc

1999-05-27 16:47:13
[Chris, you should disable the use of sending HTML and text alternative
 parts in your message.  Plain text will suffice.]

On May 27, 1999 at 12:53, REES Chris wrote:

I tried it, but I still get the same message. I also tried with '^\.\n$' and
'\.$' as the message separators. 

How did you actually try it?  I got results under Solaris and Win98.
I think the problem is with the DOS shell.  It does not handle quoting
the same way as Unix shells.  If using a DOS shell, try:

    mhonarc -msgsep ^\.$ ...

Note that I did not put any quote marks around the -msgsep argument.
Using a resource file will avoid potential shell nuances.

The only problem is that the first message in the file was skipped.
The reason for this is that mhonarc expects to find a MSGSEP line at
the beginning of the file (which is the case in regular mailbox files).
The work-around is to add a line with just the "." at the very beginning.

I'll try to see if mhonarc can be more clever about handling cases where
a MSGSEP line does not exist at the beginning.

Somewhat related note, you may want try out the Cygwin environment for
Win32 systems, <URL:>.  It provides
a bash shell and other Unix-type utilities.  The bash shell is much
nicer for invoking programs from the command-line.


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