Re: NTMail, .mbx, Hypermail and Mhonarc

1999-05-25 17:20:13
On May 21, 1999 at 12:42, REES Chris wrote:

mhonarc -outdir c:\tigs\internet c:\tigs\tig-uk-internet.mbx

I get the message:

Converting messages to c:\tigs\internet
Reading c:\tigs\tig-uk-internet.mbx
No new messages

Only, the file has not converted successfully once, and it is 102Kb in size.
The .mbx files are taken from a machine running NTMail as it's mail server.
Looking at these in a text editor, they appear to be just text files. Does
anyone know if these .mbx files work with Mhonarc, or what I need to do to
get it to work properly. 

I would guess that the default MSGSEP resource is not applicable for
NTMail .mbx files and needs to changed.  Can you provide a short sample
.mbx file so we can see what can be done?