Re: Exclude Majordomo message footer?

1999-09-04 18:28:06
On September 4, 1999 at 12:35, Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:

I'm using MHonArc for converting a Majordomo mailing list, and a message
footer is appended to the end of the body of each list message. Is there
any easy way to make MHonArc exclude such a standard text when
converting the body of a list message?

You'll have to create a custom filter function, see MIMEFILTERS
for details.  You can use the text/plain filter as a template.
I'd put the stripping code at the beginning of the function before
any other conversion processing is done.

I know I did some example code (a single line) for someone for
stripping a message footer, but I do not know if it was done via
private mail or to the list.


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