Re: Exclude Majordomo message footer?

1999-09-05 11:29:14
An alternative is, if you are using procmail to dispose new mail to the
archive, use a formail filter to remove the pro forma text via the inverse
of what MajorDomo did to add it.

Yet another variant is to define two lists in MajorDomo, one for the record
and one for distribution.  MHonArc gets its copy from the "for the record"
fork of the list and this list lacks the "append footer" directive, whereas
the "for distribution" list that goes everywhere else gets the footer in
their mail.  This is, of course, the cleanest solution.  All others can
result in removal of text where list members actually want to talk about
editing the footer as list business.


At 03:58 PM 9/4/99 -0700, Earl Hood wrote:
On September 4, 1999 at 12:35, Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:

I'm using MHonArc for converting a Majordomo mailing list, and a message
footer is appended to the end of the body of each list message. Is there
any easy way to make MHonArc exclude such a standard text when
converting the body of a list message?

You'll have to create a custom filter function, see MIMEFILTERS
for details.  You can use the text/plain filter as a template.
I'd put the stripping code at the beginning of the function before
any other conversion processing is done.

I know I did some example code (a single line) for someone for
stripping a message footer, but I do not know if it was done via
private mail or to the list.


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