Re: mhaadmin

1999-09-10 17:45:46
On September 10, 1999 at 16:47, Rodrigo Azevedo wrote:

I need some help to configure mhaadmin.rc and mhaadmin.cgi. 

I wanna use the experimental admin tool but i don't know how to
configure these files. Can anybody help me?

First, make sure have the latest release of MHonArc and the 
experimental web-admin tool it contains.

After you have installed MHonArc, copy the contents of the admin
directory of the distribution (including the images sub-directoryu
contained within) to a location accessible by your HTTP server.
Make sure that the location you copy the files to allows the
execution of CGI programs.

Then, edit mhaadmin.rc as needed.

To run the admin tool, just access mhaadmin.html with a JavaScript
enabled browser through your HTTP server (eg

Note, the admin tool is very heavy weight.  It makes use of frames,
window targeting, and javascript.  The program was mainly a way for me
to learn javascrape and to test the API facilities of MHonArc.


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