RE: "Unable to open filelist"

1999-12-02 17:40:20

This is literally square one in the installation failing.  Your Perl is
working at least :^) .  The fact that you can start indicates
that you have at least read-access permission to this file.  The failure
happens when attempts to read a file called FILELIST in the
current directory of the current drive.

Things to check in order:

1. You have extracted _all_ files from the distribution .zip or .tar.gz file
into a directory.  You must have read access to this directory from the
account you are logged in under when you run  (That access seems
to be okay for or else it could not have been started.)

2. You are running an NT commmand prompt, and you have set the current
drive/directory to the drive/directory in #1.

3. You are typing


It will not work to do something like:

   perl d:\tmp\

with the current drive/directory set to something other than d:\tmp .

I recently erased my only NT workstation installation but I believe that
Earl uses NT now so he will probably reply.

-- SP

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MHonArc folks,
An associate of mine, Alycia Eck (e-mail above)
is having difficulty installing MHonArc in a NT server environment.
She gets an "unable to open filelist" message.  Can anyone help?

At 01:05 PM 12/2/99 -0500, you wrote:
Yeah, I searched through the mhonarc list archives. I get
stuck right when
I try to run says "unable to open filelist"...

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