Re: Unable to lock

1999-12-07 21:45:46
On December 3, 1999 at 10:58, "Stephen Irwin" wrote:

Receiving the following error trying to launch MHonArc on a NT server. Any
ideas what the problem is?

Thanks, as always.

E:\inetpub\\_private\mhonarc> -add
d:\mail\\users\airportuser\main.mbx -outdir
Trying to create lock ...

ERROR: Unable to lock
e:\inetpub\\_private\maillist\archive\airport after 10

From the documentation (Appendix: Diagnostics):

Trying to lock mail archive ...

The statement means that a lock file is in place for the archive you
are trying to update. Normally, an existing lock file implies that
another MHonArc process is currently using the archive, and other
MHonArc processes will wait awhile to see if the archive will be

However, there are times when a lock file exists, but no MHonArc
process is modifying the archive. This can occur if MHonArc is
abnormally terminated. If you know that no other MHonArc process is
editting the archive you are try to modify, then manually remove the
lock file or use the FORCE resource.


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