Re: "Unable to open filelist"

1999-12-02 22:28:47
On December 2, 1999 at 18:01, "Steve Pacenka" wrote:

It will not work to do something like:

   perl d:\tmp\

with the current drive/directory set to something other than d:\tmp .

From the documentation:

    IMPORTANT   You must be in the same directory as the
                program when you run it. 

So Steve is correct.  You need to install from a shell prompt.  I
recommend installing the Cygwin package for a (free) decent shell
and Unix tool environment for Win32.  But NT's command shell will

Read the installation documentation for more information and usage
notes for Win32 systems.

I recently erased my only NT workstation installation but I believe that
Earl uses NT now so he will probably reply.

I only use NT if I am paid to do so.  I run Linux at home, and at my
current paying workplace, I do not have easy access to an NT box.  I
have a Sun running Solaris 2.6, a Dell running Lose98, and an old HP
Vectra running RH Linux 6.0.

I used an NT box (mostly as an X terminal) at my previous place
of employment.


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