Re: "Unable to open filelist"

1999-12-07 21:40:55
On December 3, 1999 at 15:22, Alycia Eck wrote:

No. But I did try installing it on my personal site (on Linux) which I can
telnet into and I still get the same Unable to open filelist. Thought I
could follow how it installed itself and copy the same setup on my NT site.
I change my directory so that I'm in the folder with the, I type
perl and I get the same message. Do I need to change permissions?

Do you see what Windoze has done to me?

If the file contents of the MHonArc tar bundle does not match what
is listed at <> then re-download
MHonArc.  Letter case is important in filenames.

You should provide a copy of the commands you run and the output
generated to provide use with better information.  Under Unix/Linux,
you can use the "script" command to record a terminal session.


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