Help with MSGSEP for M/32 archives

2000-02-03 03:34:42

I'm trying to use MhonArc to create HTML from an archive file generated
by the "Mercury/32" mail server. M/32 has a "mailing lists" feature that
can create an archive weekly, monthly etc., and it basically puts all
the mail into one huge text file complete with headers and message

The message separator is similar to

---------- End of Message ----------

MhonArc nearly does the job with default settings, but there is a
problem with the message separator:-

If I use "^From: " as the message separator, mail generated by Outlook
Express gets split in half because OE puts "From: " in the body of the
mail to show the originating message.

If I use "^---------- End of Message ----------" as the message
separator, the first message works, but subsequent messages don't format
properly - the header info such as "From", "Subject" get lost.

It's so close and yet so far! Is there some way I can fix this?

Gerry Hickman (London UK)