Re: Help with MSGSEP for M/32 archives

2000-02-11 14:32:30
Hello Peter,

Nice to know it's not just me that is interested in this.

The "In Reply to" is produced by the mail client and not by the
mailserver. So if the client does not support it, there won't be
such a field.

I see, that's no good then. Although I don't see why Maiser can't do
what ever the author wants it to do...

I've mailed Gerry a copy of my hack for a mercury to MHonArc

I've got it, but I'm slightly confused; if there's no threading info,
how can it ever work?

Oh well, I've asked if the M/32 archive format can be changed :)

Well since it is not very high on the priority list, I wouldn't hold
my breath for it.

You are right; there were hardly any responses to my post on the M/32
list about his.

Gerry Hickman (London UK)