Re: Problems with a fixed width of the lines

2000-02-11 14:28:09
On 2/11/2000 at 12:08 PM, posselt(_at_)daimi(_dot_)au(_dot_)dk (Peter Posselt
Vestergaard) wrote:

My problem is that I need the lines of the mails to be within a fixed
space (to not destroy the overall layout of the website).

If I understand you correctly, you're specifying new linebreaks for your
message collection, which the original authors did not anticipate.  The
only way to make that work is to remove their old linebreaks.

I don't think MHonArc has an option for that.  In any case, I don't
think you'd want to do it, because though it would work in cases of
standard double-returned, hard-wrapped paragraphs, such as these two, it
will cruelly mangle:

   a) messages whose authors only broke up paragraphs with a single 
      linebreak and an indent, or

   b) messages with any special formatting (such as this three-item 
      list), or

   c) messages which expected long lines, as used to transmit code, or 

You would also have to perform a reasonably complex transformation on
standard quoted text, to rewrap it cleanly while preserving the leading
column(s) of ">" characters.  That's just programming, but the other
parts seem automation-proof from here.


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