Re: Help with MSGSEP for M/32 archives

2000-02-04 22:55:05
On February 4, 2000 at 20:26, Gerry Hickman wrote:

The message separator is similar to

---------- End of Message ----------

Yes there is. I'm not at the server right now, but as far as I know it's
a carriage return then a line feed then the "F" of "From:".

MSGSEP only deals with a single line.

What you can do is use a simple preprocessor to strip out the blank
line.  Take the following source:

    while (<>) {
        <>  if /^---------- End of Message ----------/;

and say it is in a file called  You can then do
the something like the following:

    shell> perl mailbox | mhonarc -- -

The "--" is to terminate command-line option parsing and the single "-"
tells mhonarc to read mailbox data from standard input.

Note, this is untested.