Re: Question about spam mode

2000-08-09 19:05:51
On August 9, 2000 at 14:00, "SysAdmin," wrote:

I've noticed when <spammode> is enabled, the 'Reply-To' address is X'ed out,
but not the 'In-Reply-To' address. I have a chaser script that I run
occasionally to remove ALL email addresses anyway, but I was wondering why
<spammode> doesn't take care of 'In-Reply-To'.

From my experience, In-Reply-To contains a message-id and not a
user's email address.  In-Reply-To is checked by mhonarc when
computing threads.

Now, I do not know if there is an RFC documenting In-Reply-To.
Pointers welcome.  I've relied on my experience with it since '88/89
when I first starting using email.

I have noticed that newer mail user agents tend to not deal with
In-Reply-To in the manner I am familiar with, including agents
that mis-parse it for extracting the message-id.  I've modified my
replcomps for MH/nmh (the MUA I use) to only list the message-id
in In-Reply-To since a particular agent (Eudora?) does not properly
ignore the string literal containing the message date when extracting
the message-id for reply/thread purposes.


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