Re: Question about spam mode

2000-08-10 03:21:37
In-Reply-To:  Joe Blow's message <msg1234(_at_)example(_dot_)com>
of  Wed Aug  9 23:04:05 PDT 2000 to his uncle Bob.

which may be informative to humans, but offers more of a
parsing challenge than information to software.

Many thanks to all who responded! It does seem like In-Reply-To is more of a
nuisance than anything else...

Which brings me to my next question: How can I get MHonArc to X out the
'In-Reply-To' email address if it includes one? I have a rather aggressive
policy of removing email addresses from my mailing list archives and it is
the last 'hole' that I need to plug :)

I got this regex from the MHonArc archive which I use to x out email
addresses in the body of my messages:

/]+@)([\w\.\-]+)<\/A>/$2.('x' x length($3))/gie;
 s|([\!\%\w\.\-+=/]+@)([\w\.\-]+)|$1.('x' x length($2))|gie;

I'm sure it could be done better, but I am certainly not good with regex's
and it is quite a bit better than what I could do (besides it works well). I
know the above would do the trick, but in what MHonArc file(s) do I put it
in and where in the file(s)?

Many thanks,

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