Re: Subject threading and In-Reply-To

2000-12-16 00:24:55
On December 16, 2000 at 00:53, Gerry Hickman wrote:

I don't think there's any "perfect" solution to reliable threading
because much of it depends on the mail client, but your example confuses
me, in that it should thread better than it does _unless_ the square
brackets or full colon is confusing the MHonArc parsing engine?

This will not confuse the parsing engine.  The results are due to
in-reply-to/references fields being set when the "real" intent of
the user is to not have them set.  However, since the user used the
reply feature of his mailer to compose the message, the mailer
automatically defined in-reply-to/references for him.  Many PC mailers
hide these fields so the user is not aware of it.  I'm an MH/nmh
user, so I see them all the time.   Therefore, if do a reply, but
then decide the message is really a different thread, I can easily
delete the fields before I send the message.

On my own system I implemented a hack posted by Earl a while back to
make threading case sensitive which helped a lot in my own environment,
but I don't think this would help for your example.

Is there any way you can loose the square brackets and full colon?

In this case, it would not matter.  But in general, you can
use the SUBJECTSTRIPCODE resource to strip/modify subjects before


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