Re: Removing attachments

2001-02-18 17:43:19
On February 12, 2001 at 10:07, Scott Hayes wrote:

Is there a setting or a simple way to remove attachments with Mhonarc? All
that we want in the archive is the text or html part of the message, not
the binary attachments such as Word files or spread sheets.

Use the MIMEFILTERS resource and register the m2h_null::filter to
the content-types you do not want to have saved in the archive.
For example:


If you want to be really restrictive, you could use something like
the following:

<MIMEFilters override>
text/*;                    m2h_text_plain::filter;
text/enriched;             m2h_text_enriched::filter;
text/html;                 m2h_text_html::filter;
text/plain;                m2h_text_plain::filter;
text/richtext;             m2h_text_enriched::filter;
text/setext;               m2h_text_setext::filter;
text/tab-separated-values; m2h_text_tsv::filter;
text/x-html;               m2h_text_html::filter;
text/x-setext;             m2h_text_setext::filter;

The above overrides the any built-in settings defined my MHonArc
(via the "override" attribute) and only defines filters for the
content-types we are interested in handling.


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