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2001-04-16 08:46:28
At 19:30 14/04/01, you wrote:
On April 12, 2001 at 11:11, Roberto =?iso-8859-1?Q?Jo=E3o?= Lopes Garcia wrote:

> I need also to convert sended messages. Is there same way to do it like the
> .forward?? That is: get a copy of the sended message and redirect it to be
> processed by MHonArc.

Do you mean messages you send to a list?  Or any message that you
send?  Solutions will depend on the context.  If it is any message you
send out, just cc yourself.

Sorry for not being clear. I do not mean messages I send to a list, I mean any messages we send (from the project´s account). I will try, using my poor english, to explain:

I have near 100 e-mail accounts, actually, not real people but projects. Yes I setup one e-mail acount for each of our projects. Our engineers read project´s e-mail from html pages. Using sendmail´s .forward, MHonArc convert messages as they are received.

To send an e-mail, related to a project, to the client or some one envolved, our engineers use the project´s e-mail account. They use Eudora to send project related messages. I wrote a script that run MHonArc to convert eudora´s out.mbx each hour.

So I have the messages received and sent from each project e-mail account converted to html. But this is not really true for the sent messages because Eudora also store unsent messages in it´s out.mbx and what happens is that I get some messages converted to html even if they were not sent. Our system became untrusteble.

I would like to proccess project´s sent messages as they are sent by sendmail insted of the eudora´s out.mbx aproach. It will not work to ask all our engineers to use CC in all messages they send from project´s e-mail. Some will do, some not.

Thank you to be patient.



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