Re: Processing sended messages

2001-04-18 15:46:48

BTW, I quickly checked the sendmail FAQ, and the following question
seems relevant <>:

    Subject: Q4.20 -- How can I automatically copy messages based on
    sender or recipient addresses?

    Date: June 30, 2000
    Updated: February 27, 2001

    It would require custom programming. You could either write a mail
    filter using the new (currently not supported) Milter API in
    sendmail 8.10 and later (see libmilter/README) or you could look at
    some of these other unsupported hints:

        . Axel Reinhold's logall.c module
        . Message-Id: <33AA593A(_dot_)4B701C3F(_at_)syntegra(_dot_)nl>
        . the procmailrc man page

I saw it, thank You.

I will looking for ...

I do know we have some experience Procmail users subscribed to the
list, so hopefully one of them may know of a Procmail solution.


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