Re: Processing sended messages

2001-04-16 12:22:10
On April 16, 2001 at 09:35, Roberto =?iso-8859-1?Q?Jo=E3o?= Lopes Garcia wrote:

I have near 100 e-mail accounts, actually, not real people  but projects. 
Yes I setup one e-mail acount for each of our projects. Our engineers read 
project´s e-mail from html pages. Using sendmail´s .forward, MHonArc 
convert messages as they are received.

Note, for long term usage, you may want to consider a cron method
of archiving as discussed in the past on this list.  It allows for
better error management and is easier to scale as archives grow.

I would like to proccess project´s sent messages as they are sent by 
sendmail insted of the eudora´s out.mbx aproach. It will not work to ask 
all our engineers to use CC in all messages they send from project´s 
e-mail. Some will do, some not.

I am assuming that mail sent from these project accounts can go
to any arbitrary destination.

It appears that the solution requires some pre-filtering on the
sendmail/MTA side that detects project-based outgoing mail so it can be
copied for archival purposes.  Off-hand, I do not know what the
solution is, but I believe people have done something similiar (not
necessarily MHonArc users).  I would start by looking at the sendmail
FAQ and to look into Procmail.  It may be possible to have Procmail
process out-going mail, but I am not sure.

Maybe there are some MHonArc users that have some direct experience
with pre-filtering mail at the sendmail level that can provide some


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