Limiting Archive size

2001-07-04 09:48:42
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X-Operating-System: OS/2

I'm trying to limit the size of an archive and can't find the best way of 
doing it...

BTW is there a guide to a reasonable number of msgs in an archive?

Assuming this limit is 100, I'd like to convert my Majordomo archives 
which are currently archived by month, to Mhonarc archives each of which 
has 100 msgs. Given that there could be 1000 msgs in the June archive, how 
would I split this into groups of 100 for Mhonarc, or can Mhonarc be 
configured to switch to different outdirs after every 100 msgs?

I have looked at MAXSIZE and IDXSIZE but can't see that they would do what 
I want. Have I overlooked something?


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