Re: Limiting Archive size

2001-07-05 22:20:08
On July 4, 2001 at 21:48, J C Lawrence wrote:

From a human usability perspective I've found that 2,000 messages
per index page is about as high as you want to go.  One of my lists
has been getting up past 1,800 messages per period, making the
indexes unwieldy:


There are two concerns:

  1) Size of the index pages.  


  2) Performance and resource requirements of MHonArc when
  processing an archive.

MHonArc is not a good citizen when it comes efficiency and system
resource consumption when processing large archives.

Where the happy spot is for you is a local decision.  I don't like
paged indexes so I don't do those.  I break my archives into periods

It seems paged indexes would be more usable than having a 2000
message listing on a single page.  Takes awhile to load over slow


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