Re: Mhonarc problems at

2001-11-10 11:19:43
Earl, I am not sure what you mean by being at a loss. Perhaps I did not
express myself clearly enough. This is not exactly a 'footer' problem in
the technical sense of mhonarc parameters, I don't think. Instead it is a
problem that I and others have run into. Basically, an index page (in this
case, a date index) does not get closed properly. It can run on for
millions of bytes until manual intervention takes place. Although I am a
big fan of mhonarc, this problem used to drive me crazy. At first, I
thought it might have been some pecularity in the panix environment, where
I first began using mhonarc. Now it has cropped up on If
you are convinced that 2.5 has fixed the problem--whatever it is--then I
hope that will update to the latest version, once they
fix some performance problems. In any case, right now I have a broken date
index out on but no means to fix it manually, as I used
to. This is very aggravating, although I can't blame the
folks who are dedicated and helpful.

On Fri, 9 Nov 2001, Earl Hood wrote:

On November 9, 2001 at 16:03, Louis Proyect wrote:

I just discovered that the Marxism list archives date index are suffering
from a long-standing bug in Mhonarc. This manifests itself as a kind of
"loop" in which a huge index page gets created. Footer information appears
propagated at all the right places but a page never comes to a normal end.

Take a look at:

And you'll see what I am talking about.

Version v2.5 avoids this problem since HEADER and FOOTER resources
are no longer supported.

I am still at a lost of what the problem occured since multiple
examinations of pre-v2.5 code appeared to look proper.