Re: [Gossip] Re: Mhonarc problems at

2001-11-11 19:50:59

I downgraded backed to mhonarc 2.4.9 to see if it would help with
performance problems.

Was there a difference?

I think so, although there were a lot of other things making the
determination unclear. For starters: A near full filesystem, a runaway
process consuming one of the CPU's, corrupted index pages, etc.

One thing I notice is 2.4.9 seems to have a bounded time (~10 seconds)
for putting one new message in a 1000 message archive. 2.5.0 seems to
be less bounded. I also notice very long thread slices on some message
pages. For example, see the bottom of:

This makes me suspect I am taking a performance hit from 2.5.0, at
least the way I have it configured. I've just gotten to the point
where I've repaired the index pages and am ready to start running
2.5.0 again; I'll keep you posted.


The rcfile is accessable off