Re: Mhonarc problems at

2001-11-11 01:17:38
On November 10, 2001 at 11:38, Louis N Proyect wrote:

Earl, I am not sure what you mean by being at a loss. Perhaps I did not
express myself clearly enough. This is not exactly a 'footer' problem in

At a certain level, it is, even if you did not use HEADER and FOOTER
since MHonArc processed the main index as if there is always could be a
header and/or footer.  I.e.  It edits the main index instead of
rewriting as is done with the thread index.  Notice how the problem you
see never occurs with thread indexes?

In v2.5, MHonArc completely rewrites a main index page.

I never figured out a case in earlier releases that could replicate
the "growing index" problem everytime, so it made it hard to
figure out what may be the culprit.  My hunch is it is something
with perl I/O.  It is like the file handle does not get completely
flushed when the file is closed.