Re: [Gossip] Re: Mhonarc problems at

2001-11-11 01:19:20
On November 10, 2001 at 00:04, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

Version v2.5 avoids this problem since HEADER and FOOTER resources
are no longer supported.

I downgraded backed to mhonarc 2.4.9 to see if it would help with
performance problems.

Was there a difference?

In fact, the time sequence went like this:

   1) 2.4.9 + 2.5.0 config
   2) 2.4.9 + 2.5.0 config
   3) 2.5.0 + 2.5.0 config
   4) 2.4.9 + 2.5.0 config

So I'm not shocked if some there are a few hiccups...

There will be some definite hiccups since the 2.5.0 generated date
index files will not contain the special comment declarations that
2.4.9 would need to update the date index.  I did not think about
issuing warnings when trying to downgrade to previous versions.

You can regen the index file by doing something like the following:

        mhonarc -editidx -nomsgpgs ...

The -nomsgpgs will cause mhonarc to skip editing message file
pages.  Therefore, only index pages will be regenerated.

IMPORTANT: If your main index page (in this case the date index)
is screwed up, you will have to delete it first if using v2.4.9, or
earlier of MHonArc.