Re: Monarc and Outlook

2002-05-02 19:32:34
On May 2, 2002 at 07:51, "mshines" wrote:

I have a folder in Outlook with numerous messages that I want to move to
Monarc.  Unfortunately I do not see a way to Export these messages in SMTP
format - they can be exported as CSV files - one record per message - with
the fields delimited by commas and enclosed in quotes.

Is there a Monarc option to import messages in this format?

No.  Also, you lose alot with the CSV export option.

Or is there a pre-processor that can be run to put the messages back into
SMTP format?
--^^^^ Incorrect.  You probably mean RFC 822 format.

Regardless, there is a way that I have done in the past.  What
you will need is different account on a system where you can use
a different MUA.  If you have access to a Linux/Unix system with
MH/nmh installed, you would be good to go (as will be explained

Within Outlook, select all the messages you want to eventually
give to MHonArc and forward them to your other account.  Outlook
should insert each selected message into your forwarded message
as message/rfc822 attachments.

Now the key with the MUA on your other account is that it gives
you the ability to extract out message/rfc822 attachments.  The
MH/nmh MUA does this very easily.  If using MH, the command
is "mhn -store", and if using nmh, it is "mhstore".

You could also use the mha-decode program that comes with MHonArc,
with a minor modification, to extract all the message attachments
without having it recursively parse the message attachments.  Just
add the following lines before the call to mhonarc::process_input():

    $readmail::MIMEFilters{'message/*'}    = 'm2h_external::filter';
    $readmail::MIMEFiltersSrc{'message/*'} = '';

The message attachments will be called bin#####.bin.

Since this may be a useful feature, I'll update mha-decode to
do this via a command-line option and make it so the message attachments
are named something better that bin#####.bin.


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