Re: MHonArc v2.5.4 Released

2002-05-03 19:39:35
(I'm cc the list since I think my response may be helpful to others.  I
 hope you do not mind since the thread started on the list.)

On May 4, 2002 at 00:05, "Edward Wildgoose" wrote:

BTW, an alternative approach is to never store message preview data
in the database but to always extract it from the message pages.  The
problem with this is it would be very I/O intensive.

Hmm, this is what I was thinking of.  I intend to build "blogg" type pages
(see and follow the "Experimental Diary Update by
Email" link - its not neat, I was just playing with different HTML
formatting in Outlook Express).

Hmmm.  From this, it appears that the message pages are really not needed.
What you really want is just one "big" page containing the contents
of your messages.

A solution is to leverage server-side include (SSI) capabilities and
customizing the page layout via MHonArc resources.  I.e.  I can get
something like your demo without any coding.

Summary of what can be done:

* Customize the page layout of message pages so the normal nav links
  are not present and the normal starting and ending HTML document
  markup (e.g. <html>, <head>, ...) is not present.

* Customize the main index page layout to use SSI to pull in the
  message page content.

One quick question if I may.  I am playing with how to include the files
into my Nuke framework, and it would be very useful to:

a) move all attachments + inline objects to a sub-dir?  Is this directly
possible using resource variables?  (doesn't seem to be)

There is a "subdir" MIMEARG for the external filter (see MIMEFILTERS),
but this causes a sub-directory to be created for each message.  There
is currently no "global" attachment directory.

b) put a prefix on all message URL's, eg "modules.php?include&file="...  on
the start of each?

You can do this by customizing the page layout via resources.  See
the Page Layout section of the docs.


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