Re: MHonArc v2.5.4 Released

2002-05-04 11:37:50
On May 4, 2002 at 12:30, "Edward Wildgoose" wrote:

A solution is to leverage server-side include (SSI) capabilities and
customizing the page layout via MHonArc resources.  I.e.  I can get
something like your demo without any coding.

Ohh, what a clever idea.  I hadn't thought of that!  I have no experience of
SSI so I will have to go away and study this.  Thankyou!

I recently sent a blog-style resource file example to the list
that uses SSI.  It can hopefully give you a start.

b) put a prefix on all message URL's, eg "modules.php?include&file="...
the start of each?

You can do this by customizing the page layout via resources.  See
the Page Layout section of the docs.

This sounds like the thing.

All I was trying to do was trick the web server into finding my docs
correctly.  The issue is if I have a PHP page presenting the main doc, and
this PHP page considers "root" dir to be "/modules/include/html" then I have
a problem with links in the PHP page which refer to "./mypicture.jpg",
because this comes back to the web-server as http://myhost/mypicture.jpg
which is obviously nowhere close.

Attachments will be a problem since the links are generated by
the filters and not controled by the layout resources.  A possible
work-around is to define the <base href> tag at the beginning of each
page (via the layout resources) so relative URLs will be treated with
respect to the <base> URL.  Otherwise, it will require a customization
of the filter(s).

Since you are query string arguments, the <base href> will probably
not work.  If you switch from query string style to URL-path type
arguments, the <base href> will work.  For example:


This is for a paying customer, so if I get a sale....(if)... then I will be
back in touch about how I can make a donation.

Donations are always welcome! :-)

Good luck,


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