Re: MHonArc v2.5.4 Released

2002-05-04 07:05:35

Hmmm.  From this, it appears that the message pages are really not needed.
What you really want is just one "big" page containing the contents
of your messages.

Yep, although it is quite nice to be able to have a link to just the story,
as well as the whole page.  A nice-to-have though

A solution is to leverage server-side include (SSI) capabilities and
customizing the page layout via MHonArc resources.  I.e.  I can get
something like your demo without any coding.

Ohh, what a clever idea.  I hadn't thought of that!  I have no experience of
SSI so I will have to go away and study this.  Thankyou!

There is a "subdir" MIMEARG for the external filter (see MIMEFILTERS),
but this causes a sub-directory to be created for each message.  There
is currently no "global" attachment directory.

Hmm, perhaps.

b) put a prefix on all message URL's, eg "modules.php?include&file="...
the start of each?

You can do this by customizing the page layout via resources.  See
the Page Layout section of the docs.

This sounds like the thing.

All I was trying to do was trick the web server into finding my docs
correctly.  The issue is if I have a PHP page presenting the main doc, and
this PHP page considers "root" dir to be "/modules/include/html" then I have
a problem with links in the PHP page which refer to "./mypicture.jpg",
because this comes back to the web-server as http://myhost/mypicture.jpg
which is obviously nowhere close.

The idea was by putting all the add-ons in a subdir, then I can symlink this
back to the root of the webserver and these don't need to be retrieved via
the PHP script (saving processor resources because they are directly

Fantastic prog Earl.  I will need a good few days to digest everything here.
Thanks for all the help.

This is for a paying customer, so if I get a sale....(if)... then I will be
back in touch about how I can make a donation.



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