Re: Qn about a interesting but slight mis-use of mhonarc

2002-05-04 13:37:53
On Sun, Apr 28, 2002 at 03:12:02PM +0100, Ed Wildgoose wrote:

I have a user who would like a webpage produced in the style of web logs
such as blogger, etc.  Because they have very poor internet connectivity
and will be assumed to want easy HTML creation, the obvious way to let
them update their webpage seems to be to accept submissions via email

Not to discourage anyone from creative repurposing of MHonArc, but
weblog tools being better suited to weblog tasks than non-weblog
tools, the obvious way to let this person update a weblog is to use
weblog tools via the Blogger XML-RPC interface.

It's supported by every weblog package with which I'm acquainted, and
the connectivity requirements of sending the XML-RPC message are in
line with the requirements of sending an email.  There are a number of
GUI tools for speaking the wire format from various platforms (and on
the Mac, I can attest that XML-RPC is built into the Apple Event
Manager, for easy access from code or scripts).