Re: MHonArc for Blogging (was: Qn about a interesting ...)

2002-05-20 06:30:04
I am very slowly polishing Earl's original code for use with PostNuke.  You
can see a demo at and then follow the
"Experimental Diary by Email" link.  This is just trolling a diary subfolder
on each users mailbox, and any content that it finds is converted into a
web-page.  Procmail recipes or webmail are used to enter the content in the
first place

I wil send back the scripts when I have it all finished, but they are quite
raw at the moment and need your mbox files on the same machine as your web
server (or at least accessible)

(Note to Earl: Actually being able to generate the HTML pages with the href
links pre-mangled would be a big advantage, this would enable use of the
multi-page option, etc quite easily.  I haven't played with the prefix code,
but from what you suggested before, I think this won't work on Nuke style

Thanks for the great product!

Ed W

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On May 19, 2002 at 13:26, jhart(_at_)bates(_dot_)edu wrote:

Hey, Jim, would you be willing to share what you did?

On Saturday, May 4, 2002, at 05:16 PM, Jym Dyer wrote:

was able to slam together a blog, customized to look exactly the
way I like it, within 2 hours of downloading MHonArc.  It took
just 1 hour to write that hacky script to make a "blog-style"
page of ephemeral messages.

You may want to also look at my message
to the list a couple a weeks ago: