MHonArc for Blogging (was: Qn about a interesting ...)

2002-05-04 16:53:27
Not to discourage anyone from creative repurposing of MHonArc,
but weblog tools being better suited to weblog tasks than
non-weblog tools, ...

=v= Well, a weblog is essentially a bunch of messages that are
attractively displayed on a web page.  The best way to compose
messages is with mail tools (and Usenet news tools), which have
been developed and constantly refined for decades, are the #1
use of the Internet for most people, and of which there are a
variety to choose from, many of which are user-customizable.

=v= Weblog tools reinvent the message-composing wheel, and not
very well.  They only offer HTML text boxes, which have limited
editing features.  Each one has fussy little idiosyncrasies,
and you can't customize a thing about them.  (The same is true
of web-based mail and message board systems.)

... the connectivity requirements of sending the XML-RPC
message are in line with the requirements of sending an email.

=v= This sounds great, but why haven't we seen it in action?  I
was able to slam together a blog, customized to look exactly the
way I like it, within 2 hours of downloading MHonArc.  It took
just 1 hour to write that hacky script to make a "blog-style"
page of ephemeral messages.

=v= Since my underlying mail user system is MH itself, I have a
*lot* of control over what ends up in the blog, and I don't have
to use third-party software with a bunch of privacy-invasion
features. ;^\