Re: MhonArc/PHP

2002-06-25 21:30:05
On June 25, 2002 at 14:17, Vincent M wrote:

Well, I think it's because the HTML that MHonarc
creates sends html headers, and Postnuke sends them as
well.  Since they can only be sent once,  I get
errors.  Since I'm want to wrap postnuke around
MHonArc, I need to stop MHonarc from sending
/anything/ until it's supposed to. After the
header/menu/side menu/etc...)  It's working fine until
I try to view an individual message.

MHonArc does NOT send any headers.  All MHonArc does is generate HTML.
Now if the server is parsing the files and gleaning information out
of it, that is totally outside the scope of MHonArc.  There is no
magic in what MHonArc generates.

Looking at the PHP FAQ, you have the following:

  5.  I get the message 'Warning: Cannot send session cookie -
      headers already sent...' or 'Cannot add header information -
      headers already sent...'.

  The functions header(), setcookie() and the session functions need
  to add headers to the output stream. But headers can only be sent
  before all other content, check if your script is sending headers
  after having already sent content.

My guess is that when mod_php sees the first non-php directive content,
and no headers have been sent, it automatically sends the default
headers (which is probably Content-Type: text/html, et. al.).  So, if
you have a call to either of the functions mentioned in the FAQ item
quoted above, you will have your problem.  The X-Header comments
are irrelevant.  Any regular HTML content will probably cause the problem.

This problem can probably be avoided by using the SSMARKUP resource
and including the PHP code that ends you calling the above functions.


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