Re: MhonArc/PHP

2002-06-26 14:30:04
On June 26, 2002 at 08:46, "Edward Wildgoose" wrote:

ie if you want to create links of the form

We had a chat about it and you said that most of the link could be created,
but the "?" bit caused a problem?

To be more specific, I think it had to do with links to attachments
since all other links can be adjusted to what you like via the resources.
I'm not sure what is the cleanest way to allow customization of
attachment links since they are controled by the mimefilters.

Also, for various reasons it turns out to be useful to change "basehref"
before including the mhonarc page, and then resetting it afterwards.
However, this seems to go wrong in Mozilla 1.0 on windows.  I will submit a
bug report if it doesn't get fixed soon, but at least everything works fine
on IE.

I think it is not a bug in Mozilla since <base href> can only occur
in the <head> element.  IE is probably doing a blind base switch each time
it sees the <base href> tag.  This is non-standard behavior, and in some
cases, could be considered a major problem (like cross-scripting
vulnerabilities with web-based email services).


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