Re: MhonArc/PHP

2002-06-25 12:30:05
On June 24, 2002 at 23:10, Vincent M wrote:

But... how do I prevent the MhonArc version comment
and the  X-Headers from appearing??  That is what I've
been asking.

The only way to do it at this time is to modify the code.

I dont want them in the messaage pages.. or are the
absolutely nesisary?

The X-Headers are beneficial for archive recovering options.  The
mha-dbrecover program uses them to reconstruct and archive database.
The comments can also be useful for those you want to do some
post-processing of archive pages.

The MHonArc version comment exists since it was a problem providing
help to users in the past by not knowing what version of MHonArc was
used to generate a page.  This way, if a URL was provided, I
can verify for sure what version of MHonArc was used to create
a given archive page.

Technically, they are not absolutely necessary for regular
archive operations.  They are useful in diagnostic and recovering

BTW, what version of PHP are you using?  Looking at JC's work,
he does not even bother defining SSMARKUP and leaves the
X-Headers as-is, and he has things working okay with PHP.

Is it possible that this PostNuke that you mention is doing something
more than regular mod_php that is causing the conflict?  Maybe there
is some configuration parameters you can set to fix it.

Note, the MHonArc version comment does show up on the index pages,
at it seems you are having no problems with them.  Maybe the PostNuke
environment (note, I have no clue how PostNuke is setup or works)
is actually reading the X-Header comments.

It seems you could use SSMARKUP along with *PgBegin resources
to wrap the initial comment declarations within a PHP comment block.
Have you tried this?


P.S.  Please trim reply text that is not needed.  Thanks.

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