Re: MhonArc/PHP

2002-06-23 02:30:05
I'm trying to find which resource to change.

As for my header problem.. I figured out that my php
files cant have anything before the first <?php call. 
Even just the Version number at the top, commented
out, was enough to screw up my headers.  I managed to
get rid of it all by using <MsgPgBegin> <IdxPgBegin>
and <TIdxPgEnd> in my resource file.  HOWEVER...  I
also had to go into amd to
comment out this line of code from the headers:

#       print $handle "<! -- ", &commentize("MHonArc
v$VERSION"), " -->\n";

BUT...  I'm still getting all of the X-headers in my
message files....  Why didnt the resource file work on
these? I double checked them.  Even deleted the
message files and recreated.



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