Re: MhonArc/PHP

2002-06-23 16:30:04
On June 23, 2002 at 11:50, Vincent M wrote:

I did change the SSMARKUP via my resource file.  But
the Version number line was still present at the top
of all of my pages.  It's still in my message files. 
I've attached a copy of my resource file.  Remember,
besides this resource file, I've comment out the line
in amd that puts the version
number at the top of the threads and index pages.

SSMARKUP did however remove the X-Headers.

I think you have things mixed up.  The SSMARKUP code is printed out
before the version comment.  Search for $SSMARKUP in the source files
and you will see that SSMARKUP is printed first for all pages.

BTW, you have *not* defined the SSMARKUP resource in your resource
file, at least in the one you provided.

Also, SSMARKUP has no affect on the X-Headers.  They are always

If you are viewing pages via browser, you may be victim of the
browser's cache.  When examining pages, it is best to view them
directly from the file system to avoid caching problems.


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