Re: db and indexes not being udpated with -add

2002-10-17 20:16:35
On October 17, 2002 at 21:01, mhonarc(_at_)interlinx(_dot_)bc(_dot_)ca wrote:

That is what I was doing.  But in checking this last time, I dunno why
I never noticed before, but the db and index files were owned by root,
due to root creating the archive from an mbox in the first place.
Re-owning them to the mhonarc user fixes all!

Since you are redirecting the output to /tmp/out_external_archiver,
did any errors show up related to permissions?

Actually, looking at the command:

  /usr/bin/mhonarc -add -outdir 
  /var/mhonarc/archives/%(listname)s -rcfile main.rc >> 

Where does stderr go?  The '>>' will only catch stdout.  You may
want to add '2>&1' at the end of the command so stderr is captured
with stdout.

BTW, if your lists have significant traffic or will get large
over time, I recommend separating the archiving from Mailman so it
can be managed separately.  Maybe use a approach advocated by
mharc, <>.


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